The primary objective of is to track and capture player stats on Halo: The Master Chief Collection and create leaderboards.

How does it work?

To add your gamertag to the leaderboards, simply search for your gamertag on the homepage. If your profile is private, you'll have to follow a few additional steps.

Integrity of the Leaderboards

So what is a bannable offense?
  1. Dodging.The top percentage players will be treated as the "TOP PLAYERS". They will be put on a different standard then the rest of the player base where their actions will be judged more heavily. More specifically avoiding stats is a bannable offense.
  2. Circle boosting.We are able to retrieve the data from your previous 100 games. If we conclude you are circle boosting, you will be removed from the leaderboards. We are also in contact with 343industries and many of Halo's top players who can verify/validate your skill. Don't circle boost.
  3. DDoSing.If you are DDoSing for wins, you should probably find another hobby. If you are playing with people who DDoS for wins, you are guilty by association. We have a zero tolerance for DDoSers - you and those you play with will be banned without question.
  4. Modding.Hard modding, soft modding, scripting - don't do it.
  5. Deranking.If you are caught purposely throwing games, you will be banned from the leaderboards.

If you'd like to report a player for cheating, please visit our Discord and file a report in the appropriate section. If the cheating is severe, please consider reporting them here to 343industries directly as we can only control our leaderboards.